Install Durable Gammastone Panels
for Your Building’s Exterior

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GammaStone is a leader in manufacturing its own large-sized slabs and innovative systems. The company has been in the natural stone industry for over 50 years, striving to provide exclusive and excellent products at a great value. International customers have testified to the quality, versatility, reliability, and guarantee of their products. Thanks to their experience and technological innovation, the company has continuously improved engineering solutions that highlight the materials' beauty, creating stunning projects.

The compact, technically advanced products of GammaStone not only demonstrate exceptional durability, but they offer striking aesthetics adaptable to any architectural style. For indoor or outdoor designs, in either classical or modern style, they provide endless options to satisfy any preference or requirement. Using the most sophisticated technology available, their factories produce large-sized slabs at the highest quality standards with low environmental impact. Due to their exclusive and patented phases of construction, no other company provides the same ease of installation, making GammaStone the ideal partner for any project or building process.